Welcome to my hidy-hole!

My name is Florian and at the moment I am working at the Virtual Engineering Lab of the Volkswagen Group, digging my nose into VR/AR and the digitalisation of engineering..

Coding is not only my profession but also my passion, in my free time I like to delve into game design and development, some of my projects are showcased below . I enjoy prototyping small concepts and sometimes just roam around with ideas. Currently I am essentially using Unity and tinkering around with Processing 2.0 for some quick prototyping.

Things I Like To Do

Besides programming I also enjoy the time spent with fellow friends and other activities, I always try to get some analogous counterweight to my quite digital lifestyle. I see this chapter of my life as a chance to delve into new things and to forge a philosophy to carry me through my life.

  • Write all the code
  • Travel the world
  • Read a lot of books
  • Drink tasty tea
  • Delve into Game-Programming
  • Code for the Microsoft Hololens
  • Explore virtual and augmented realtity

A Few Accomplishments

aka. Recent Projects

These is an excerpt of recent projects I have taken part in and activities I have been comitted to. Most of the games are playable on GameJolt


Windows - Local Multiplayer Zombie Survival

In TurboZonk up to 4 Players choose items from a broad assortment to survive wave after wave of relentless zombie hordes. Gathered items can be crafted into mightier version with new powers. The game was done during a 48 hour GameJam and is written in C# using SFML.Net.


Windows Phone - Logic Puzzler

2048 is a native adaption of the once viral logic puzzler by Gabriele Cirulli for WindowsPhone.

More coming soon...

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